The Hokie Flying Club is a member owned, non-profit corporation based at the Virginia Tech Airport in Blacksburg, VA. The overall goal of the Club is to excite interest in aviation and provide its' members with the opportunity to maintain their flying proficiency. We were established in 1965, which makes us one of the oldest and most established flying clubs around. We are fortunate that one of our founding members, Cecil McBride, is still with us today and is our Chief Flight Instructor. Cecil is also an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE).

The Hokie Flying Club is only able to exist through the symbiotic volunteering of it's members. Members are expected to actively participate in the Club, including attending monthly meetings, participating in voting and Club activities, and volunteering any service that he or she may have that helps keep our airplanes flying. For members, the airplanes are available at reasonable rates and available for multi-day trips. Both through formal programs at monthly meetings and numerous opportunities to lend a hand, members can learn much about safety, basic maintenance, and proper operation of the aircraft.

We encourage interested pilots & student pilots alike to read our FAQs, Bylaws, & Flight Ops to gain a general unerstanding about who we are and how the Club operates. If you are interested in attending a meeting or inquiring more about membership, please email the Vice President.

The Hokie Flying Club is not an FBO.