For new members seeking to join:

There is a one-time initiation fee to join the Club, which is $200 for pilots and $100 for student pilots. In addition, all members are required to pay a one-time, refundable deposit based upon the aircraft they wish to fly:

Allows use of...
Deposit Required
Cessna Skyhawk 172M
Cessna Cardinal 177RG

Once the Treasurer has received the initiation fee and deposit from the new member, then he/she will be allowed to schedule time with the CFI's and will be given scheduling rights to the airplanes via our online scheduler.

For the existing membership:

The current monthly dues are $46.00, for active and inactive members (pilots & student pilots).

Aircraft usage rates per tach hour:
Cessna Skyhawk 172M
Cessna Cardinal 177RG
rate per tach/hr

* All quoted rates include fuel.

** All rates can/will fluctuate with fuel prices @ KBCB, as well as any increases/decreases deemed necessary by the Board.

Each month, all active members (pilots & student pilots) are billed for their monthly dues as well as 2 hours of advance flying time, at the base aircraft's rate (currently the Cessna 150). A member can accumulate up to 8 hours of advance flying time, afterwhich any more will be forfeited. If a member has exhausted their advance flying time, the incremental flight hours will be applied to their next bill. A member's advance flying time can be found on their monthly bill.

Bills are due on the 8th of the month. A late fee of 5% is charged for all late payments.

Monthly financial reports are provided to members at the monthly meetings or via email.

Members are to mail in all fuel receipts for credit to their accounts. Please note that fuel credit per gallon is given at the current rate that is at the Virginia Tech Airport (KBCB). All fuel receipts and checks should be mailed to:

Hokie Flying Club
PO Box 2054
Christiansburg, VA 24068