Below is our current list of 2014 officers. Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have questions. For general membership inquiries, please direct them to the Vice President.

President - Brandon Hedrick, M-540-818-3850
e-mail: hedrick.brandon @


Vice President - Vernard Harrington, M-540-230-1688
e-mail: kvharring @


Treasurer - Bo Webster, M-540-808-5880
e-mail: bocwebster @


Secrectary - Bob Murray, M-540-250-1875
e-mail: bob.murray @


Maintenance Director - Bill Harris, M-540-808-0911
e-mail: bill @


Operations Director - Bo Honeycutt, M-540-449-5113
e-mail: bhoneycu @


*Please note that we have added a spaces intermittently to reduce harvesting of email spam. You will need to delete the spaces prior to sending out the email.