Below is a short list of additional information that may be helpful to you. Should you have questions other that what is listed, please email the Vice President.


Q: When and where are the monthly Club meetings?

A: The Club meetings are held on the last Tuesday of each month, January - November at 7PM. There is not a meeting in December. Although we are usually consistent, the meeting location can change. Typically, we try to meet at a local Blacksburg or Christiansburg restaurant, so if you would like to eat dinner with us prior to the meeting then come at 6:30 PM. If you are interested in attending a meeting, please email the Vice President for the meeting location.


Q: How are the Club meetings structured?

A: The President presides over all meetings, and typically he or she starts with a few short remarks and then each officer reports on the latest updates regarding his or her area of responsibilities (i.e., membership, maintenace, finances, etc.). This is typically followed by announcements, discussions, and/or concerns regarding any latest happenings that need to be addressed or voted upon by the membership body. If there is a program, that typically occurs and concludes each meeting.


Q: What type of member does the Club seek? Is the Club and I right for each other?

A: All members are expected to attend the majority of Club meetings and participate in Club functions. The only way that the Club can survive and keep our rates reasonable is through the dedication and volunteering of time and expertise by our members. Although members are required to stay at least 1 year, the Club really seeks those who are aiming longer-term and are looking to stay at least 2+.


Q: I want to be an active participant, but I'm not a veteran pilot and know very little about maintenance. How else can I volunteer time with the Club?

A: The Club is a structured organization therefore our needs are diverse. Some members volunteer to serve an office and help with the administration while others perform tasks such as keeping the hanger swept and clean, participating in periodic wash 'n waxes, and even mowing the grass around our tie-down pad in the summertime when it needs it. All of our Club members come from many different walks of life and have very different ways that they volunteer their time, so there are always ways for each member to get involved and volunteer.


Q: I earned my pilot's license years ago, but have not been able to sustain currency. Can I still join the Club, and if so, does the Club have instructors who can help me regain currency?

A: Yes. The Club has multiple CFIs available to those who need to regain their currency & proficiency. Although it is up to each individual CFI's discretion, most Club instructors prefer the pilot to complete a WINGS phase versus a standard flight review.


Q: I have no prior flight experience or training, but want to learn how to fly. Can I still join the Club?

A: Yes, as long as the Club is able to accommodate new student pilots at that time. A Club-approved CFI will be assigned to new student pilots and will outline the curriculum for learning and flight training.


Q: I would really like earn my instrument rating. Can I achieve that with the Club?

A: Yes. Many of the Club's approved instructors are qualified to teach instrument flying. In addition, our Cessna Cardinal 177RG can also be used to earn a Commercial rating.


Q: Upon joining the Club, will I need to get Renter's insurance?

A: No. Each Club member is part-owner when they join the Club, therefore Renter's insurance is not applicable. The Club does carry insurance on the airplanes, however in the event of an accident the individual member would be responsible for any damages that exceed our policy limits.


Q: I am interested in becoming a member. What do I do first?

A: Email the Vice President and let us know that you're interested! Plan on attending the next Club meeting to meet the membership and introduce yourself. All prospects are required to attend at least 2 meetings prior to applying so that he or she can learn more about us and understand how we operate.