Interested in joining the Hokie Flying Club? Below are the preliminary steps you should take as a candidate.

Candidates are requested to do the following:

  • Contact the Vice President to let us know that you're interested.
  • Review the Club Bylaws.
  • Review the Club Flight Operations Rules.
  • So that you understand how we fiscally operate, please review the Club Billing Procedures.
  • Attend at least 2 Club meetings
    • Please be prepared to share with the membership your personal/professional background, your flying background/experience, and what you can do personally to contribute or further the Club goals.
  • Print and complete an application [or download it in MS Word], and submit to the Vice President along with your application fee ($100 for student pilots, $200 for existing licensed pilots).

Should you have other questions, please contact the Vice President for more information about joining the Hokie Flying Club.